Wax Seal Starter Kit

A great way to start making Custom Wax Seals 
Our "Starter Kit" has everything you need to get started. This is a fantastic solution if you want to start making custom wax seals.

1 x Custom Wax Seal with your own design
1 x Wax Melting Pot
1 x Ladle
10 x Sticks of sealing wax

With our Wax Melting Pot, you can make your own combination of colours by mixing our standard colour bars giving a unique and personal touch to your wax seals. This kit will make up to 80 Seals -- Great value!

This kit is also a good choice for weddings where you need to make a lot of seals. eg. wedding invitations, wedding stationary.

This kit will make up to 80 Seals.  Additional wax sticks can be purchased if you need to make more.

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