Wax Seal Wedding Kit

Wax Seal Sets for Unique Wedding Stationary.

Your union isn't like everyone else's, which is why your wedding invitations shouldn't be stock standard. Seals 4 You provides the high-quality wax seals, waxes and more to see even the most avid of crafts enthusiasts satiated. We offer a range of stunning wedding-appropriate wax seals for gifts, invitations, and more so that you can put your special touch on the day. Our Wedding Wax Seal kits are an excellent tool for your Wedding Stationery, a wax seal will make your Wedding Stationery something special. Our Wedding kits come complete with a Custom Wax Seal, Wax Sticks, and a Custom Wooden Storage Box. The Storage box can be personalised by engraving your seal design to the outside of the case. This storage box provides convenient, safe storage for your Seal & Wax Sticks.

Our Wedding kit also comes with a personal Wax Melting Pot and Ladle that will allow you to mix different colour wax sticks to make custom coloured wax. Also included is a ladle to make applying your wax seal easy and consistent.

This kit looks so great that you will treasure it alongside your other Wedding memorabilia from your special day. The Wax Seal is Custom Engraved with the Bride and Groom's initials or your custom design to make it perfect for your Wedding Invitations and thank you cards.

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